Preserve This Place, Pass It On

We have a long history of providing environmentally responsible outdoor trips in and around Glacier National Park, the Great Bear Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Our livelihood is based on the land, rivers and abundant natural resources here, so we strive to practice sustainable "Leave No Trace" ethics in our business operations. Our goal is to leave this area just as we found it, for future generations to enjoy.

Glacier Raft's Commitment to our Community and our Environment

Our livelihood is based on the land and its resources, therefore, we constantly strive to practice sustainable methods in all of our business operations. Our goal is to leave this area just as we found it for future generations to enjoy.

The following are ways that Glacier Raft Company strives to set a responsible example.

Our Responsibility to the River

All of our guides practice Leave No Trace ethics on all of our trips. Additionally, we take time to break up fire rings and collect trash at common campsites along the North Fork and Middle Fork of the Flathead to maintain a Wild & Scenic experience.

Our fishing trips promote the use of barbless hooks and practice catch and release to minimize impact on native trout populations.

We partner with the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation by providing trips to help raise money as well as transporting their volunteer trail crew down the river and out of the wilderness area.

We are a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, an organization dedicated to the betterment of the sport of fly fishing through Conservation, Restoration and Education.

We are a member of the Burlington Northern Environmental Stewardship Area. This program strives to conserve wildlife, fish, and their habitat along the BN corridor adjacent to Glacier National Park.

We are an active supporter and member of Trout Unlimited and promote and support the efforts of the Bull Trout recovery measures.

Our Commitment to our Community

Glacier Raft employs primarily local Montana residents with extensive knowledge of the local history, flora, and fauna.

Glacier Outdoor Center retail store carries goods produced by local manufacturers when possible. Made in Montana is a common theme at the GOC.

Glacier Raft Company purchases fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers to provide guests with the freshest, healthiest food options while helping to stimulate the local economy and reduce transportation costs.

Glacier Raft Company partners with Casting for Recovery and Wounded Warriors to provide whitewater and fly fishing experiences to promote emotional, psychological and physical healing.

We work with the Sherriff's office, Flathead County Search and Rescue, and Flathead Nordic Ski Patrol to provide a response service to our active community.

We work with the Flathead National Forest to provide nature tours in the Flathead National Forest and Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Our Efforts as a Business

We minimize shuttles and bus use by having a location close enough to the river that there is only one shuttle needed.We combine shuttles and put an extensive amount of time into planning where we float in order to reduce the amount of shuttles needed.

Glacier Raft recycles all possible items that we use as a business or that our guests consume.

We offer refillable water bottles to guests that are made from recycled plastic and a water bottle filling stations.

Our brochures are printed on recycled paper and we use recycled products in the office and bathroom supplies.  

We have a recycling program to recycle paper, plastics, glass and cans.

We offer photos to our guests in a digital format in order to cut paper waste.

Glacier Raft has installed low flow toilets in all of our facilities to reduce water consumption.

We have installed all compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce electrical consumption.

We use electronic correspondence when possible to reduce paper waste.

We have reduced water and electric consumption by laundering linens only in between guest stays or at a guest's request.

We have constructed all of our buildings with locally harvested and milled timber.

We use recycled asphalt as a dust control for our roads as an alternative to Magnesium Chloride (a chemical control for dust).

We practice environmentally friendly "leave no trace" camping  and all waste and is brought out to protect and preserve our beautiful rivers and wilderness. 

Glacier Raft Company is now a proud sponsor of the Columbia Falls Little League and will have its own Team!